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Romantic Love Letter Straight From My Heart

Hey Honey

I want you to know that you are the first person i want to see in the “Mornings”and the last person i want to whisper “Goodnight” to. Because i know, despite my imageable moods, and the times when i feel my “Lowest” you bring out the “Best” in me, It’s called the “Power of Love”.

You are my thoughts through the days. Sometimes when things just can’t seem to get better I can look at you and this
big smile on my face tells me,
Yes he is the reason my days can be beautiful because he’s always worth the beauty of my Smile and my sunshine on my Dark days. Loving you is easy, not holding you is the hardest. For in my dreams I caress you to me, to smell the sweetness of our touch. For I long to kiss his sweet lips, Feel your hands upon my soft body. Then to know at night your passion will last me a “Lifetime”.

All I can say is !!!, You make my “Heart” flutter and I glow from within. It must be the magic that you bestow upon me just by seeing your wonderful face and knowing, That you hold the key to my heart and has opened it to a wonderful world of it’s called
The “Power of Love”.

Jenn-I’m your Lady.. 

Best Quotes for Writing Love Letters

Love letters are very personal in nature and although using someone else’s words or quotes do not seem a very original and genuine idea, many a times that is exactly what is required to give the letter a special effect. Love letters can be of various types; it can express many things. For example, love, hurt, importance of the special someone in life, description of a certain event that meant a lot to you or made a difference in your life, etc. If we come out of the usual and more popular notion of a love letter, one can realize the various aspects of the same thing, a love letter.

Life is not always about romance and soft and mushy talks. There are certain situations in which love grows, blooms, increases, reaches a new level, love suffers, love is affected… All these things a love letter can have. It is better to write to your beloved when you feel upset about something and your partner is not in a mood to listen to you.

Having said that let me also tell some other things in the form of the following compilation of selected love letter quotes:

Love ceases to be a pleasure, when it ceases to be a secret.

  • Aphra Behn

To write a good love letter, you ought to begin without knowing what you mean to say, and to finish without knowing what you have written.

  • Jean Jacques Rousseau

Love - that divine fire which was made to light and warm the temple of home, sometimes burns at unholy altars.

  • Horace Mann

It takes two to write a letter as much as it takes two to make a quarrel.

  • Elizabeth Drew

I consider it a good rule for letter-writing to leave unmentioned what the recipient already knows, and instead tell him something new.

  • Sigmund Freud

Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight.

  • Phyllis Diller

Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.

  • Anais Nin

Last but definitely not the least this particular quote, “Never write a letter while you are angry.” (Chinese Proverb) sums it all up if you want things to work in your favor of the relationship.

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Love Letter for My Soldier

Being a soldier’s beloved is not easy and I am speaking out of personal experience here. The long days of waiting for him to call you, to reply to your letter, you mails, send across a photograph of his training activities, etc., everything requires so much of patience, faith and understanding that it sometimes does take a toll on you for the distance between the two. But hey! Don’t they say distances make the heart grow fonder? So time to cheer up and see the brighter side of being in love with a soldier! Love letters the the way to go to keep the relationship strong in this particular case.

Usually nowadays people do not consider writing because of the fast paced life and addiction to texting! I won’t be wrong to say here that a soldier’s life is way too different than us civilians. So news from home and letters from the near and dear ones are the only things that keep them cheerful and feel it worthwhile to go through rigorous training.

Writing to your beloved soldier does not require great innovative love letter ideas, but just genuineness and reassurance. Yes, reassurance because they are far and we are the ones sitting here with our family and friends, they are alone. Reassurance in their love, confidence on them, a longing to see them, appreciation of their chosen field of profession, etc., give them an immense booster. So here we go with a sample love letter for a soldier.

Love Letter to Soldier

This particular letter is for a beloved who has joined the military institute and is undergoing training to become a commissioned officer of the Army of his country.

My Room


0300 hrs

My Beloved To-Be Officer of the Army,

I was looking at our picture in my room and I could not sleep, I am so filled with your memories that at this hour of the night that I had to write to you. How are you doing sweetheart? How is the training shaping you up? Have the seniors soften a bit on your course, especially on your group of friends? If not, then do not worry as I am sure they find you tough and are hence bent on training you hard. At the end of it all, you will be proud to have gone through what you are undergoing now.

Everything is fine here, except your physical absence. I know the wait is little long, two more years to go, and I am not supposed to complain, but I miss you. I look forward to your calls and letters. I pray to God to keep you in good health and spirits. Whenever you are tired, just know that there is someone back home waiting for you, who longs for you and eagerly waits for some communication from you.

Take good care of yourself my love. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Don’t worry about things here, everything is fine, your parents are well and mine too. Complete your training soon and then we can be together forever.

Yours Ever Loving,


Everyone is trying to accomplish something Big…not realizing that Life is made up of little things…rainy mornings and dew on leaves shine…With the love of yours and mine..

Everyone is trying to accomplish something Big…not realizing that Life is made up of little things…rainy mornings and dew on leaves shine…With the love of yours and mine..

Love Proposal Letter

One of the hardest things to write is a love proposal letter. You may search for best love letter on the Internet but use them only for reference. What you want to write should come from your heart. We will also provide you with a sample that will give you an idea of how to write the letter. It can be difficult if this is the first time you are writing such a thing, but our sample will clear any doubts you have.

The letter is like any other letter, so the same rules apply of letter writing. Proof read the letter well. Any silly mistakes can make this letter lose its impact and make matters worse for the writer. Therefore, the basic spelling, grammar and format should be checked. The length of the letter depends on the writer. Some write a long ones while some are happy with the short letter. Whatever the length, the letter should be written from the heart. Here is a sample.

Sample Love Proposal Letter

Dear Susan,

I wanted to the tell you about my feelings in person but then I thought I would write them in a letter, so you can hold on to this piece of paper no matter what your answer is. Susan, I have been in love with your for the past year. It is only now that I cannot bear to keep my feelings to myself.

I did not tell you of my feelings because I feared losing you as friend. One has to be really lucky to have a friend like you. You have been there for me in the worst of times, and I feared I would lose an amazing friend like you forever. But now, I wanted to tell you the truth as each moment away from you feel like a thousand deaths. I would rather lose you and live in sorrow, than spend the rest of my life wondering what if…

I hope you will not hate me, but what choice did I have? You are the most wonderful girl I have ever met and not falling in love with was never an option for me. It is impossible to find someone who is so beautiful in heart and form. I love you. This is the first time I have been in love and I am glad that fell in love with such a wonderful girl. Even if you do not feel the same I can go through life knowing that I fell in love with the right girl.

There is so much more to say and yet I can say no more. All I can I hope that God has taken mercy on me and destined the best girl in the world in my life. Waiting for your answer.

Writing Love Letter to my Husband


If I had to make this blog post more technical than the usual mush stuff, then I would say that love letters are the best tool to tell your husband how much they are valued. It is a known fact that the stronger sex is weak in the expressions department. Men who are emotional refrain all the more than expressing what is in their heart. Their male ego or sense of dignity does not easily let them show their vulnerable side. Yes, emotions are very much considered as a weak point in their shining armour. This was the first tip if you were trying to find out ‘how to write a love letter to my husband.’ Understand what touches him and cash in on that. You can also find some sample here

Let go of your inhibitions and write your feelings for him, what is it about him that makes you go weak in your knees, the qualities that you greatly admire, how his different ways of showing care affects you, etc. These are things that men do knowingly or unknowingly and secretly do wish they are admired and given due credit for these but they keep it buried in their heart.

Love letters to husband can be written even if you are staying together, when you want to patch up, when you are miles apart, when one of you is suffering from some emotional or physical ailment, etc. There is no time or specific occasion that is restricted for writing a love letter. Love does not know time or place they say, it applies rightly in this case.

Here we have a love letter sample for your husband who stays oversees and comes to you once in six months. See the way the wife expresses her deep trust and faith in him in this love letter.


My Darling Husband,

This is one of those days again when I am vying to be close to you and know that it is no way possible with your posting in a different continent altogether. I know you too feel the same for me at lonely times and when there is no communication on the front where you have to stay up all night. At times like these the only things that come to my mind are your conviction in our relationship and the strength of our faith and emotions for each other.

Just want to say I love you dearly, my sweetheart. Come back soon. Waiting for you.


Yours forever,

Your Wife

Writing First Love Letter to your Wife

How often is it that you tell your wife that you love her? Think when was the last time you told her you love her. This is one sentence that one should tell only when one really means it and feels it from within. It should be heartfelt and not a regular signing off statement at the end of a phone call or while leaving for office. Writing a love letter to wife is the perfect idea to convey your feelings and more than that it is a way to make her feel really special.

As they say the first of everything is special; it stands true for writing a love letter after marriage too. In spite of the fact that you live together or are constantly in touch with each other via different mediums, a letter is always special. Mention special things in the letter like how did you feel just before you were going to get married to her, the days of courtship, the little fights that brought you closer, etc. Here are a few tips for writing love letter to wife in some points which may give you a head start.

Love Letter Tips

  • The first point is to be very genuine and mean each word, starting from the salutation of the letter. Use something like most affectionately, my companion, my angel, etc.

  • Leave your sarcastic streak aside, in case you tend to take recourse to that to escape the risk of being made fun of

  • How she takes the letter, seriously, not too seriously, etc., is her look out; give her the freedom to decide how to react to it

  • Though the length of the letter does not have any stringent standard, try to keep it within two to three pages

  • Remember that it is just an initial letter and keep it like that. Love letters should have scope for replying, so do not empty the pot in one go

  • Talk about her positives and strengths, make her feel at the top of the world. Remember your words have a different effect on her

  • The most important element of writing a letter is a reason; highlight the reason that instigated you to write the letter

  • Avoid any comparisons between her and your mom as far as possible. Though it might be in very good spirits, keep it just restricted to her and you

These were some simple yet useful love letter writing tips that is sure to floor your wife.