First Love Letter for your Girlfriend

A love letter to girlfriend should not necessarily be romantic. Yes! You read it right. It is not necessary. What a girl appreciates is genuineness. Whether you are praising her or reminiscing something you both shared, it should be heartfelt and a written medium does reflect that. That is the most biggest advantage of letters.

Analyse her Personality

Your actual cue for writing the first love letter to your girlfriend is hidden in her personality. The choice of the tone of the letter actually depends on the girl’s nature. See the following to have an idea of what I am hinting at. And yes, you can trust me as this is coming from a girl.

The Outdoor Kinds

If she is the rough and tough outgoing types, does not care about the sun and getting tanned, never does make-up and still manages to sweep you off your feet, then writing about her independence and the way she confidently carries herself will do the trick for you. You may tell her that her very nature attracts you to her.

Gentle and Quiet Kinds

Confess to her that even the toughest of men have a weak point in their shining armour. Any girl likes to hear if her guy derives peace and stability by her presence. She might not be the talkative kind, but if she has been around you in your ups and downs, the letter will touch her. After all appreciation is something that never goes waste.

Shy, but Passionate Kinds

It is a misconception that shy girls are not passionate. If you have been in a relationship for say more than six months or so, you can come to know a person’s romantic inclination. Depending on the level of comfort you both share, you may sum up courage to express intimate feelings to her. Chances are she might respond by actions.

Practical Kinds

These girls are level headed and think from a very practical point of view; tread carefully if you are an emotional being. You may write love letter for her that what she means to you and how things can work out between you two in the future. She will be more interested in that. Later, you may tread on the romantic path.

Confidence, care and genuineness are the keys to make a girl fall for you and stay with you forever. Express your heart out to the beloved of your life and keep the spark alive in your relationship.

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