Love Letter After Break Up

This might sound clichéd, but it is true that love is the most complicated yet sweet thing that can happen to anyone. Every soul who has ever been in love and his or her has been reciprocated will agree with me. Small differences, petty fights, misunderstandings, possessiveness turning into jealousy, etc., all these are part and parcel of love. Thus writing a love letter after break up sprung in my mind. How should one go about it? What does it take to really take a big leap to over come the embarrassment of breaking up first and then again wanting to revert and write a love letter?

Post Break Up Love Letter

Well, since cupid has struck you again and made you realize your affection for your companion, just have faith and believe that it is never too late. Write a break up letter to him or her, but this time you do not have the reigns in your hand. Respect the person’s space and leave it entirely up to him or her to react in whatever way they feel is appropriate.

Avoid Proverbs or Idioms

Kindly avoid portraying your literary knowledge here. Earnestness is more important, be original without taking any assistance from a Shakespearean book. Just give importance to your feelings and the need of the hour which is to keep your boyfriend or girlfriend for good. Your letter will be a reflection of the gravity of the situation.

Sample for Beginning the Letter

Here’s a sample of how you can start the letter. Before I give you an example of the letter, let me be clear that this is one letter which should naturally be long. There is a lot of explanation one would need to do in the letter and that too very sincerely. So here we go:

Affectionately XYZ,

I summed up a good amount of courage to write to you after whatever I told you about separating our ways. I absolutely do not take you for granted by subjecting you to read this letter. You are free to react in any manner you like after reading this, but it is an earnest request that you at least know what I went through after expressing my thoughts of breaking up. I discovered that my thoughts are not in syn with my feelings. Feelings for you.

I did not leave for any other person, I did not leave you for gaining an upper hand in our relationship, I had not made up my mind to unburden myself by going separate ways. It might be difficult for you to believe, but I am being as truthful as possible while I am writing my heart out to you. Distance made my heart grow fonder and realize what I had when I had you.

With these points in mind, I am sure you can surely start pouring your feelings on paper or in the e-mail. Act responsibly and be open for a reaction that may or may not be in your favour.

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