Writing Love Letter to my Husband


If I had to make this blog post more technical than the usual mush stuff, then I would say that love letters are the best tool to tell your husband how much they are valued. It is a known fact that the stronger sex is weak in the expressions department. Men who are emotional refrain all the more than expressing what is in their heart. Their male ego or sense of dignity does not easily let them show their vulnerable side. Yes, emotions are very much considered as a weak point in their shining armour. This was the first tip if you were trying to find out ‘how to write a love letter to my husband.’ Understand what touches him and cash in on that. You can also find some sample here bestsampleresume.com.

Let go of your inhibitions and write your feelings for him, what is it about him that makes you go weak in your knees, the qualities that you greatly admire, how his different ways of showing care affects you, etc. These are things that men do knowingly or unknowingly and secretly do wish they are admired and given due credit for these but they keep it buried in their heart.

Love letters to husband can be written even if you are staying together, when you want to patch up, when you are miles apart, when one of you is suffering from some emotional or physical ailment, etc. There is no time or specific occasion that is restricted for writing a love letter. Love does not know time or place they say, it applies rightly in this case.

Here we have a love letter sample for your husband who stays oversees and comes to you once in six months. See the way the wife expresses her deep trust and faith in him in this love letter.


My Darling Husband,

This is one of those days again when I am vying to be close to you and know that it is no way possible with your posting in a different continent altogether. I know you too feel the same for me at lonely times and when there is no communication on the front where you have to stay up all night. At times like these the only things that come to my mind are your conviction in our relationship and the strength of our faith and emotions for each other.

Just want to say I love you dearly, my sweetheart. Come back soon. Waiting for you.


Yours forever,

Your Wife