Love Letter for My Soldier

Being a soldier’s beloved is not easy and I am speaking out of personal experience here. The long days of waiting for him to call you, to reply to your letter, you mails, send across a photograph of his training activities, etc., everything requires so much of patience, faith and understanding that it sometimes does take a toll on you for the distance between the two. But hey! Don’t they say distances make the heart grow fonder? So time to cheer up and see the brighter side of being in love with a soldier! Love letters the the way to go to keep the relationship strong in this particular case.

Usually nowadays people do not consider writing because of the fast paced life and addiction to texting! I won’t be wrong to say here that a soldier’s life is way too different than us civilians. So news from home and letters from the near and dear ones are the only things that keep them cheerful and feel it worthwhile to go through rigorous training.

Writing to your beloved soldier does not require great innovative love letter ideas, but just genuineness and reassurance. Yes, reassurance because they are far and we are the ones sitting here with our family and friends, they are alone. Reassurance in their love, confidence on them, a longing to see them, appreciation of their chosen field of profession, etc., give them an immense booster. So here we go with a sample love letter for a soldier.

Love Letter to Soldier

This particular letter is for a beloved who has joined the military institute and is undergoing training to become a commissioned officer of the Army of his country.

My Room


0300 hrs

My Beloved To-Be Officer of the Army,

I was looking at our picture in my room and I could not sleep, I am so filled with your memories that at this hour of the night that I had to write to you. How are you doing sweetheart? How is the training shaping you up? Have the seniors soften a bit on your course, especially on your group of friends? If not, then do not worry as I am sure they find you tough and are hence bent on training you hard. At the end of it all, you will be proud to have gone through what you are undergoing now.

Everything is fine here, except your physical absence. I know the wait is little long, two more years to go, and I am not supposed to complain, but I miss you. I look forward to your calls and letters. I pray to God to keep you in good health and spirits. Whenever you are tired, just know that there is someone back home waiting for you, who longs for you and eagerly waits for some communication from you.

Take good care of yourself my love. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Don’t worry about things here, everything is fine, your parents are well and mine too. Complete your training soon and then we can be together forever.

Yours Ever Loving,


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